Why Use Us?

Jet cards, private flying subscriptions, and fractional ownership have changed the on-demand customer experience and expectations.

Program flying (jet cards, subscription, fractional) provides a clearly defined customer experience along with product transparency. Customers pay more in exchange for service consistency and reliability.

On-demand is cost-effective and flexible but it requires careful research to navigate the hundreds of operators, thousands of aircraft, and varying standards of the on-demand marketplace.

Our mission at Air Charter Amy is to bring the simplicity and confidence of program flying to booking on-demand air charter.

How we are different

We start with the operator instead of the airplane.

Brokers and operators source the best aircraft for your trip; the airplane obviously being a key factor to a pleasant and safe journey.

Equally important to the plane is the company behind it and the charter contract fine print. For example, organization-level safety systems, passenger insurance coverage, and aircraft recovery policy are an indicator of the caliber of the company that’s going to fly you and your associates or loved ones.

Shifting focus to the operator is a holistic apprach to sourcing on-demand charter that covers all the bases.


Our flat-fee business model eliminates the common practice of omitting the aircraft and operator specifics until after a brokerage agreement is executed. Transparency also includes the quoted price of your trip. Since we don’t depend on commission payments we are free to share all information up front.


Air charter is expensive with the average trip costing five figures. Handing funds to an intermediary injects an element of risk and friction that is eliminated by paying the operator directly. While escrow can reduce the risk of placing large sums with a broker, it does not improve transparency.


Here, we are not different. Our co-founder Dave Goodwin has a lifetime of aviation experience and is a private pilot. Dave stands ready to help with your ACA or private aviation questions.