Air Charter Amy on Alexa

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AI powered Conversations are going mainstream as we rely more and more on virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Alexa users who would rather talk than type can use our Air Charter Amy Alexa skill to get started on a quote wherever Alexa is available. Amy gathers your itinerary information in a conversational manner, notifies us of your quote request, and sends you a conversation recap email. 

Speak to her just as you would a human air charter sales agent. For example, your origin and destination might be Hanscom Field or Denver Centennial and you might wish to leave “Tuesday night” or “July 4th”.

Use Amy more than once she will remember who you are and get right down to business without the first-time introductory info.

For your next air charter quote just ask Alexa to “open Air Charter Amy.”