Charter Aircraft Safety

Learn how the top rated private jet charter operators go beyond the FAA-granted Part 135 minimum standards required for air charter operations.

In the US, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) grants air carriers authorization to operate once they meet and abide by the standards applicable to the capacities of the aircraft they operate.

These standards cover aircraft, pilot qualifications, maintenance, crew staffing & training, safety procedures, insurance rand record keeping—all of which contribute to safe air charter operations.

8-seat Citation X
The beautiful lines of an 8-seat Citation X

Part 135 of these regulations pertains to commercial aviation operations of aircraft with fewer than 31 seats, while Part 121 is for larger planes such as those operated by airlines.

For private jet operators, a Part 135 certificate is the minimum needed for flight operations; the top rated private jet charter operators go beyond this.

The FAA has limited resources and it’s just not possible for them to continually visit every Part 135 operator to insure safety compliance. This isn’t to suggest that operators will let safety lapse without the FAA poking around, but it does highlight the benefit of having regular, independent audits to uncover areas of improvement or deficiencies.

This is what ARG/US and Wyvern do. The ARG/US Platinum and Wyvern Wingman certifications require on-site audits and cover most every aspect of operating an air charter business.

All ACA private jet quotes are sourced from operators who hold ARG/US Platinum and or Wyvern Wingman ratings.

Group air charters require bigger planes and are sourced from Part 121 air carriers. These may include airlines you know such as Southwest and United, as well as dedicated air charter companies that use planes capable of accommodating large groups. The dedicated air charter carriers operate under the same high standards as the schedule airlines (crew qualifications, maintenance, record keeping, safety program, oversight, etc.).

Whichever type of air charter you need, we look forward to providing you with options sourced from air carriers with a proven commitment to the highest safety standards.