Private Jets and COVID-19 Coronavirus

I spoke with a local New York jet charter operator who told me their flight crews and ground service teams have been issued gloves, disinfectant and cleaning instructions to be used between flights. The instructions include cleaning all exposed surfaces.

Procedures vary among operators and we will include a cleaning procedures check with all Air Charter Amy quotes for the foreseeable future. 

Yes, private flying reduces exposure and risk. It boils down to fewer people and easier cleaning.

  • Private jets frequently use smaller, less crowded airports and at large airports private aviation terminals are separate from the airline terminals. In both cases private aviation terminals are usually sparsely populated.
  • There are no TSA security checks to deal with.
  • Private jets usually have separate customs facilities.
  • Private jets are much easier to thoroughly clean than an airliner.

These advantages when combined with good health hygiene make private flying attractive for those who can afford it and who need to travel during this public health scare.

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